Album Review: Bleeding Heart Pigeons – Is

bleeding heart pigeonsBleeding Heart Pigeons – Is

Art Rock | Avant Garde


Isolation can be a lonely business, but it can work wonders for one’s creative side. Growing up outside Limerick this power trio had very little experience with live music (or any music for that matter) and so it seems to be that the band have taken every single snippet of music they could find and soaked them up. The result is one very eclectic debut. ‘Frozen’ kicks off the album with some gentle guitar, piano and bird song, ‘Song With No Meaning’ has an overpowering organ and some complex drumming as it’s centrepiece, ‘A Hallucination’ has some uplifting guitar work and ‘Nausea’ features a cacophonous breakdown that wouldn’t sound out of place on a King Crimson record. Just when you think you have a full measure of a song it haphazardly whirls into a different trajectory.

The greatest asset of the album is also it’s greatest set-back. It’s not something that can be said often but there is simply too much going on, it sounds like the band are trying to cram all the music they have ever heard and been influenced by into one album. It’s too long and lacks direction. They need to trim the fat and reflect on who they want to be and channel their energy into a concise and passionate follow-up. There’s plenty of likeable music here, they are clearly talented musicians and I love the album artwork. I’d like to hear more of Bleeding Heart Pigeons but not just yet, not until they have made some progress with their sound.