Spotlight!: Raven Love & the 27s

raven love

Sometimes it’s better just to keep things simple. This up and coming Detroit band operate with just the bare bones of heavy blues. Raven’s vocals have a great tone, I’m sure she could belt it out with the best of them but she knows when to hold back. Tracks like ‘Venice Beach’ and ‘John R’ have some great psychedelic guitar, the slow and simple riffs are more than enough to add a world of colour. Everything is built around the driving bass line, a steady rumble that you can feel down to your very core. The overall effect is to take you back to the kaleidoscopic sixties and evoke acts such as Iron Butterfly and Jefferson Airplane. Just sit back, relax, let the music wash over you and you’re bound to be hit by the Wow factor.

The Intro EP is out now and is available on their bandcamp page for anyone that wants to join the trip.


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