Spotlight!: Isaac Gracie

isaac gracie

From the moment that his song ‘Last Words’ appeared on SoundCloud, this young singer-songwriter had the music world begging for more. His music lives in a world of contradictions. His voice is both light and uplifting, and gruff and gritty, like an angel that’s halfway through a bottle of whisky. His music simply screams textbook nineties, from the obvious comparisons with Jeff Buckley to the fact that the artwork for his EP looks suspiciously like Daydream Nation… and yet, Isaac’s music feels new and inviting; a much needed pause for contemplation in today’s hectic world. Enthralling tracks such as ‘Terrified’ and ‘We’re So Very Lost’, with their simple arrangements and even simpler production, make you fall in love with them almost instinctively. He makes you sit up and pay attention as though the fragile moment will otherwise simply disappear. This is something special.

Isaac’s debut EP Songs From My Bedroom is out now and is a must for fans of Jeff Buckley, Keaton Henson and Ryan Adams.