Album Review: Eliza and the Bear – Eliza and the Bear

eliza and the bearEliza and the Bear – Eliza and the Bear

Indie Pop


Eliza and the Bear is a band that contains neither Eliza’s nor bears, but they do however have a knack for sing-along indie pop anthems. Beneath the bold and bewildering album artwork lies everything you need to create a top notch summer soundtrack. ‘Friends’ opens the album in style and packs a hell of a lot into three minutes, from it’s grand introduction to it’s uplifting chorus. There is a very high standard of production, but it doesn’t feel like it’s been overdone. The album’s tracklist has been well thought out so that the highlights have been evenly distributed. Tracks like the bright and boundless ‘It Gets Cold’ and the slower paced ‘Brother’s Boat’ really bolster the second half.

For the most part the band’s heavy use of brass sections set them apart from other indie pop outfits, but there are still a few duff tracks that fail to hit the mark. Songs like ‘Cruel’ and ‘Light It Up’ lack the wow factor of the big hits and simply pass by unnoticed. There’s nothing ground-breaking here, Eliza and the Bear certainly aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, but they’ve done things their own way and have made a likeable and uncompromising contribution to an otherwise congested genre.