Spotlight!: Lánre


“We’re all broken so that light can come in”. That attention grabbing line from ‘Human’ sums up the underlying message behind Lánre’s music. She is an artist that preaches strength of spirit and the importance of staying true to yourself. Born in Stoke-On-Trent and raised in Nigeria, she has fused together a range of styles. Well versed in soul and folk, and mixing in the storytelling and vibrancy of her Yoruba heritage, she has created a multifaceted marvel that is deeply dramatic and full of life. Like a hymn for humanity that anyone and everyone can connect with. ‘Fire’ adds some striking hints of violin alongside more traditional instruments and the delightfully tranquil ‘My Soul’ shows off Lánre’s soothing vocals. She is a unique artist and her incredible style and individuality really shines through in her music.

Lánre’s ‘Human’ EP is out April 29th and is the perfect spring soundtrack.