Album Review: Matthew and the Atlas – Temple

matthew and the atlasMatthew and the Atlas – Temple

Indie Rock | Folk | Baroque Pop


The juxtaposition of Matthew Hegarty’s deep vocals and the bright musical melodies is what sets this album apart. It gives Temple an understated yet profound vibe that somehow makes the songs that bit more moving. Standout track ‘On A Midnight Street’ shows a hint of inspiration from Bruce Springsteen, ‘Modern World’ and ‘Mirrors’ share aspects with both Arcade Fire and The National, and tracks like ‘Elijah’ are textbook Bon Iver. Hegarty draws from all the right influences but in some ways I feel like it’s missing something. His vocals are excellent but something more is needed to give his music a more personal stamp so it doesn’t just sound like him paying homage to the music he loves. The way things stand at the moment Temple is a beautiful and emotional album, but as a whole sadly feels forgettable. It’s like some cherished childhood memory from days long since passed: you don’t remember any details besides the fact that it was a happy memory. This album is definitely worth a listen, but not necessarily one you would come back to in a hurry.