Album Review: Little Scream – Cult Following

little_scream_cult_followingLittle Scream – Cult Following

Indie Rock | Art Rock


Montreal based artist Laurel Sprengelmeyer, aka Little Scream, has a lot to offer on her second album. Knowing that during the creative process she worked with Sufjan Stevens and members of The National and Arcade Fire it should come as no surprise that this is something special. The funky glam pop of ‘Love as a Weapon’ is the album’s most upbeat and infectious offering and starts things off in style. The shimmering synths of ‘Dark Dance’, the rise and fall from calm to cacophony in ‘Evan’ and the gorgeous album highlight ‘The Kissing’ keep you constantly on your toes as to what to expect next. The album is brilliantly diverse but is held together by the fact that all the tracks flow together perfectly.

The latter half of the album is far more subdued and a lot less accessable. It is a marked change but it has it’s own unique charms. The music is more stripped back, the instruments less adventurous, and the angelic vocals now take a more prominent role, but it still manages to keep the stunning soundscape that permeates Cult Following . If I had to go through the album with a fine toothed comb I would say that the brief interludes before and after ‘Evan’ should simply be part of the song and have it as a longer centrepiece. With the way the album flows I see no reason to separate them. I have no doubt that this is one of the most vivid, varied and engaging albums of the year thus far and I feel like Little Scream will lead us on to even bigger and better things in the future.