Album Review: Phosphene – Breaker

phosphenePhosphene – Breaker

Indie Rock | Dream Pop


Before you delve into this record take a moment to appreciate the simple yet stunning artwork. Viewed as if through some late night dreamlike haze, pulling back the curtain to look out towards the waiting world with all the hues of a fading sunset. It’s the perfect metaphor for the music that lies within. Tracks like ‘Hear Me Out’ and ‘Rogue’ give the impression of malaise and world weariness, but finding just enough beauty and comfort to keep going. Musically the soundscapes Phosphene have created have captured the softer side of bands such as Sonic Youth, Wolf Alice and The Smashing Pumpkins; think Daydream Nation with a bit more shimmer and a bit less fury. There’s certainly a place for top notch guitar work on this album, most notably on opening track ‘Be Mine’, but for the most part it is a more subtle and subdued affair.

This talented trio have created something that is hard to pin down, not least because of it’s length. Slightly too long for an EP and a bit too short compared to most albums, it is free from filler but leaves you wanting more. Perhaps extending the tracks slightly would have offered the best of both worlds. There’s definitely room to experiment which I would like to see on future releases but there is still great musicianship at work here. The band work in perfect harmony to create a deeply layered and immaculately produced work of art. All in all Breaker is a heartfelt and introspective offering that I could quite happily listen to all night.