Album Review: Joy Oladokun – Carry

joy oladokunJoy Oladokun – Carry

R&B | Pop


The debut album from this from this LA based singer/songwriter has plenty to offer. The title track and ‘Young’ have stacks of soul and ‘Break + Wine’ borders on alternative rock, but the best tracks bookend the album. ‘Fight For It’ kicks things off in a purposeful fashion and builds up to fuzzy blues finale, whereas album closer ‘Animals & Angels’ is a fragile folk offering that acts as a window into who Joy is as both an artist and as a person. It’s on songs like this that her confessional songwriting really connects. Her open and honest lyrics could have been lifted straight from a diary containing both her deepest hopes and inner demons. On tracks like ‘Animals & Angels’ and ‘Poison’ it’s hard not to see her in the same light as Adele.

At times I feel like the heart-on-sleeve approach has left her with some reservations, like she’s nervous to share her stories and her gift with the world. There are moments that I’d like to see her push herself a bit further and make the big impassioned songs more powerful and compelling and the stripped back songs more delicate and wistful. Joy has an excellent voice and her enviable songwriting skills certainly pull at your heartstrings. Carry is a great starting point and Joy’s career could go in a number of ways. Equally equipped as both a folk troubadour and a soul siren she has the talent to one day be a big name star no matter what path she follows.