Album Review: The Culture in Memoriam – History’s Dust

Historys Dust The Culture in Memoriam TCIMThe Culture in Memoriam – History’s Dust

Art Rock | Baroque Pop | Garage Rock


Whilst creating History’s Dust I’m sure that Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band stood on a pedestal at the centre of TCIM’s mood room, although I can’t begin to imagine what the rest of that room must have looked like. This ambitious Swedish collective have adopted the Sgt. Pepper approach of creating a musical kaleidoscope to keep the audience on their toes and leave them trying to expect the unexpected. Ethereal folk, outlandish psychedelics, layered vocal harmonies, complex drumming and other music that defies categorisation all make an appearance in the diverse musical melting pot. Standout track ‘We Will Always Love You’ has the unshakeable vibe of The Wall about it, despite it’s cheery name. The wide range of influences at work here is really refreshing. History’s Dust draws from all the right places but puts a unique spin on it.

Part of what gives this album depth is it’s hidden dark side. If you take a moment away from the musical whimsy and listen to the lyrics you’ll find snippets of earnest political ire and critiques of modern life. The music sometimes sheds it’s colourful coat and bears it’s fangs to match the lyrics, most notably on ‘Her Voice Rising’ where feedback fuelled guitar and frantic drums keep pace with the orchestral arrangements. Sure, it takes a fair few listens to take it all in and the album artwork doesn’t live up to the music contained within, but there’s so much going on here that everyone can find something worth coming back for. Each listen is like a peek through the looking glass into Wonderland, injecting a much needed hint of madness into everyday life.