Album Review: Jake Bugg – On My One

Jake-Bugg-On-My-OneJake Bugg – On My One

Indie Rock


When Nottingham’s latest musical hero emerged into the world with the folk punk of his massive hit single ‘Lightning Bolt’, Jake Bugg was deservedly considered the next big thing. Just when it seemed that he had stolen the limelight he disappeared back into the shadow when his second album Shangri La flopped. Having taken a few years out he’s finally back with his third album in an attempt to regain his throne. It’s a make or break moment for his career and unfortunately it’s set to be another flop as On My One is an utter mess. It lacks focus, direction and energy and quite frankly many of the songs are just poorly written.

Whilst I am all for artists taking risks and being diverse, here it feels like the diversity is forced in an attempt to shout “look at me, I’m different”. Bugg dabbles with half baked incarnations of indie rock on ‘Gimme The Love’, uninspired soul on ‘Love, Hope and Misery’ and an ill-advised effort at hip hop on ‘Ain’t No Rhyme’. Bugg ends up being a jack of all trades and master of none; if you want to be diverse you need to actually be good at it first. The albums folky moments are a better reflection of his talents but aren’t enough to save the album nor to reclaim the glory days of his lauded debut. On My One seems like the final nail in the coffin for an artist that peaked far too early.