Album Review: Bear’s Den – Red Earth & Pouring Rain

Bears_Den_Red_Earth_Pouring_RainBear’s Den – Red Earth & Pouring Rain

Indie Rock | Folk | Americana


With the release of their debut album Islands, London based folk rock phenomenon Bear’s Den quickly gathered an ardently loyal fanbase. With their second album the membership of the fan club is set to skyrocket. Red Earth is a far more mature and nuanced affair compared to the acoustic nature of the debut. The band have expanded their sound with the help of synthesizers and subtle psychedelics to create a vivid and captivating soundscape. The band’s folk origins are still clearly present, such as on ‘New Jerusalem’, but the band have used this strong foundation to build up towards bigger and better things. The end result is like a compelling mix of Mumford & Sons and The War On Drugs.

The title track and ‘Gabriel’ are some of the more spellbinding synth driven offerings, ‘Auld Wives’ has a great driving bass line, whilst the standout track ‘Dew On The Vine’ brings together all the best elements of the band. There’s no denying Bear’s Den have developed their musical palette, although I would say that the album is too long. Few albums that edge over the hour mark can really justify it and this is no exception. The exciting thing about listening to this album is the clear and present thought of where the band will go next. I loved Islands, and now Red Earth has blown it out of the water; if they keep this trajectory up there could be something truly remarkable waiting on the horizon.