Album Review: Viola Beach – Viola Beach

viola-beach-albumViola Beach – Viola Beach

Indie Pop


Listening to this album is certainly an emotional experience, even for those that didn’t discover the band until it was too late. On 13th February all four band members and their manager tragically died after their car fell through a gap in a bridge just south of Stockholm, Sweden. This all too brief album consists of their collected works; the material that was due for release as an EP alongside their singles and a live BBC session of ‘Get To Dancing’. There have been many tributes to the band since the accident, most notably Coldplay’s cover of ‘Boys That Sing’ during their Glastonbury set, but nothing honours their memories more than sharing the music they worked so hard on with the world. They were very much a band still finding their feet and creating their sound, but the music here paints a picture of four friends in love with life and eager to share that joy with anyone that cared to listen.

Even so early in their career Viola Beach had a knack for upbeat indie anthems full of all the great zest and zeal that makes for an essential summer soundtrack. On ‘Call You Up’ the band shows their softer side with a youthful passion reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys. Listening to this album it’s not hard to imagine Viola Beach playing larger and larger stages at festivals across the country and beyond, with legions of fans taking every word and every note to heart. This album may be marred with tragedy, but the band would not want that to spoil the high spirited nature of their music. Cast all sorrow aside and get absorbed by the energy of the music and the thoughts of what might have been. Bringing light into the lives of those listening is the greatest epitaph these talented lads could possibly have.