Album Review: Blossoms – Blossoms

blossoms_artBlossoms – Blossoms

Indie Rock | Synthpop


The long awaited debut from Britain’s hottest new indie band has finally arrived. The Stockport quintet have set themselves apart from the rest of the bands on the scene thanks to their heavy use of synths to inject a dash of classic 80s pop into proceedings. The band’s three biggest hits from their EP days, ‘Charlemagne’, ‘At Most A Kiss’ and ‘Getaway’, have already been in heavy circulation and are stark proof that the band have lived up to the hype. The new tracks to be found on the album offer a new side to Blossoms with ‘Onto Her Bed’ and ‘My Favourite Room’ providing some stripped back balladry and ‘Blow’ and ‘Deep Grass’ offering some great fuzzy guitar tones.

Though this debut does a lot to expand their sound, it doesn’t seem to have quite provided the band with another hit. The earlier singles and EP tracks remain their best work and unfortunately they are nearly all weighted towards the beginning of the album. I would have preferred if they had been more evenly dispersed to bolster the album’s energy. It comes as no surprise that their established hits remain the high points, but the fact that the band have the guts to venture out of their comfort zone and into new territory with such a degree of success is very impressive. Make no mistake that they only just missed the mark and I’m sure there’ll be plenty more hits, and possibly more diversifying, in store. Though, like many up-and-coming bands, Blossoms are still finding their feet and creating their identity, the band’s debut has exceeded expectations and is sure to pull in fresh fans to the cause.