Album Review: Lowtide – Lowtide

lowtide-lowtide-album-coverLowtide – Lowtide

Dream Pop | Indie Rock


Journalistically I abstain from using the term “Shoegaze”. It feels wrong to categorise such a vast swathe of talented bands by what they look like onstage rather than by what they are creating. It’s one of the most expressive genres around, like a slow motion shockwave of pure emotion, and this Melbourne based band are no exception. The hazy shared vocals, the vast labyrinthine soundscape of keyboards and guitars and in particular the slow and deliberate bass lines create something very heartfelt and evocative. The bright indie hit ‘Held’ is very reminiscent of The Stone Roses whereas the intro of the notably darker ‘Yesterday’ reflects the softer side of Nirvana, such as in ‘Something in the Way’.

It’s worth noting that Lowtide’s debut is not the most accessable of albums. It takes a fair few listens for it to sink in; I was preparing for a negative review before it abruptly all clicked into place. At first it feels like torpid traipse through the doldrums, then all the dense fog suddenly fades and you find yourself in the centre of a vibrant coral reef, bursting with life and colour. Once this musical metamorphosis takes place, ‘Maxillae Leaving, Seaward’ becomes by far the standout track. It’s a simply gorgeous instrumental piece. I worry that many listeners will write the album off before truly coming to appreciate it, as I nearly fell victim too myself, but hopefully enough people will stick around to discover the true beauty within.