Album Review: One Less Reason – The Memories Uninvited

one less reasonOne Less Reason – The Memories Uninvited

Alternative Rock | Hard Rock | Heavy Metal


Sometimes first impressions can be misleading and are perhaps best ignored. This album is a prime example. The first track and lead single ‘Break Me’ started off all well and good, but when things took a turn to the heavy side it immediately rang alarm bells. Thankfully it was just a small hiccup and the rest of the album is much more welcoming. That being said the album is still very heavy, albeit in regards to the lyrics. Content wise the lyrics are dark, contemplative and yearning, most notably on the acoustic closing track ‘Rainmaker’. The gravity of the lyrics is certainly added to by frontman Cris Brown’s powerful vocals. His voice bears quite a resemblance to that of Brent Smith of Shinedown but with a fair bit more grit.

One Less Reason dwell in the same circle as bands such as Shinedown and Alter Bridge with their hard hitting rock and weighty subject matter. What needs to happen next is to add a hint of grandeur, a greater sense of drama and storytelling. This is a talented band and I’d like to see them push themselves to their creative limits to draw level, or even surpass, their peers. The Memories Uninvited plays as though the stars have aligned and the band’s energy has pooled together towards a greater purpose. There is vast untapped potential yet to come with this band, and though this album feels like a big step forward I feel as though if they continue down this path there could be something astonishing further down the line.