Top Tracks: Ren – The Coast

We are all gripped to some degree by a desire for something more, to expand our horizons. Few artists capture this wanderlust as well as singer/songwriter Conor Owen under his moniker Ren. Having already found success with his ode to the Emerald Isle ‘My Heart Belongs to Ireland’, his new upcoming single ‘The Coast’ continues with the theme of yearning to travel. Inspired by a life changing trip across Europe, ‘The Coast’ boasts the kind of bright, airy folk that is impossible not to love. With it’s achingly beautiful melody and Ren’s endearingly wistful vocals it sets a stunning and poignant atmosphere. It appeals to the sense of adventure in all of us and even if we can’t all have some life affirming whirlwind voyage, ‘The Coast’ takes you away on it’s own unique and memorable journey.