Album Review: James Vincent McMorrow – We Move

james-vincent-mcmorrowJames Vincent McMorrow – We Move



Developing on the precedent set by his previous album Post Tropical, Irish singer/songwriter James Vincent McMorrow has made a marked shift from his folk origins towards slinky, immaculately produced R&B. Rich splashes of synths and sultry, summery rhythms are to be found here in abundance. Lead single ‘Rising Water’ ranks amongst the best releases of the year and kicks the album off in style. It’s driving beat, ever-growing atmosphere and catchy chorus are simply impossible to resist. Imagine a collaboration between Sam Smith and Oh Wonder and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what this album contains.

Unfortunately big hit magic is not enough to rescue the remainder of the album. The majority of the album feels very repetitive and leaves you desperate for a hint of variation. After a while James’ high pitched vocals become rather grating and are not something you want to sit through for the entirety of the album. He has a brilliant hit on his hands with ‘Rising Water’ but I feel like it is the sole oasis of charm to be found in this arid landscape. McMorrow has got himself stuck in a rut and perhaps needs to take a step backwards and rediscover his roots to add a bit more diversity to his next release.