Spotlight!: Gold Complex

In the words of one of the greatest music movies The Commitments: “Soul is the music that people understand”, and few understand how to create great soul the way that Gold Complex do. This Canadian octet have brought a classic timeless sound into the 21st century and have created something slick and sexy with an irresistible groove. Their signature song ‘Backbone’ boasts a stunning brass section and some funky flourishes from the rhythm section. The more restrained ‘Cities & Lovers’ gives room for lead singer Will Bowes to show off his versatile vocals and the guitar work on ‘O.G.’ wouldn’t sound amiss coming from Steve Cropper. I challenge you to resist the urge to dance when listening to their music, but be warned that it is a challenge that you are bound to fail! Sometimes you need to look back to find the way forward and with the band currently recording their debut album New Soul, due in April 2017, it seems Gold Complex could be key players in a stunning soul revival.

Those looking for something fun, fresh and funky should check out the deluxe edition of their debut EP which is available for free download on SoundCloud.