Album Review: Passenger – Young as the Morning Old as the Sea

passengerPassenger – Young as the Morning Old as the Sea

Pop | Folk


After Passenger released one of the most successful singles of my lifetime with ‘Let Her Go’ in 2012 you would have thought some progress would have been made to capitalise on it’s success. Now three albums on it seems singer/songwriter Mike Rosenberg lacks either the will or the skill to replicate the impact of his biggest hit. Instead his latest effort is perfectly charming but sadly entirely forgettable. There’s not much that stands out as single material, nevermind a hit. Nothing that inspires devotion or even just a song to compel you to sing along. Each time a track tries to break out and do something interesting it seems to be quickly pushed back down.

The title track features an interesting tone and some fairly intricate acoustic guitar but is held back by it’s lyrics. It essentially boils down to just a bucket list of places his wanderlust compels him to go. Birdy seems rather wasted on ‘Beautiful Birds’ simply providing backing vocals and whilst ‘Anywhere’ injects some much needed energy and positivity it doesn’t quite take it far enough. I know that Passenger could live of just the YouTube income from ‘Let Her Go’, and that’s not even considering actual sales, but I would have hoped for more effort. There’s nothing wrong with his latest album, it makes pleasant and agreeable background music, but he could do so much more if he put his mind to it.