Album Review: Pixies – Head Carrier

pixies-head-carrierPixies – Head Carrier

Alternative Rock


Do you ever have one of those moments where you are baffled by the passage of time? I’m fairly sure most people (whether or not they were alive at the time) when asked about something thirty years ago they would think of the 70s rather than the 90s. It’s almost as though time stopped with the turn of the century. I had a very similar moment upon discovering that the Pixies have been together longer in their reunited form than they ever were during their heyday. In the space of a few years they changed the face of rock music with such records as Surfer Rosa and Doolittle, but in the dozen years since they reformed they have hardly created a ripple of interest.

Their latest album does little to change this fact. It’s miles ahead of their lacklustre 2014 album Indie Cindy but then again that isn’t exactly difficult. Head Carrier is a likeable enough album but it isn’t the Pixies, despite the fact that the opening of ‘All I Think About Now’ is stolen straight from ‘Where is My Mind?’. Whether it’s the lack of Kim Deal’s influence, the passing of time dampening spirits or the band releasing new music out of a sense of duty rather than joy, it just doesn’t come close to capturing the magic of the band they used to be. They seem lost and conflicted, unsure whether to relive the past as best they can or to push on and create something new. One day things may click into place for the Pixies and they could have a musical renaissance, but this certainly isn’t it.