Spotlight!: Hidden Charms

hidden-charmsThis south London quartet are quite possibly one of the most suave new bands in years. Oozing the kind of effortless cool that most people can only dream of they have tapped in to something that is simultaneously old at heart and invigoratingly refreshing. Tracks such as ‘Dreaming of Another Girl’ harks back to 60s mod legends such as The Who and The Kinks and ‘Long Way Down’ sounds like the curious offspring of The Doors and The Beach Boys. The fuzzy blues stomp of tracks such as ‘Love You ‘Cause You’re There’ fits perfectly alongside garage rock gods The White Stripes and The Black Keys. The fact that Vincent Davies and Ranald MacDonald share vocal duties throws an intriguing dynamic into the mix and thus far the artwork for their singles is nothing short of stunning. An all around feast for the senses Hidden Charms have a fair deal of flair and more than enough talent to back it up. This band are the missing piece of the puzzle that will fill a gap in your life that you never knew existed till now.

Fans of Jack White, Arctic Monkeys and Blossoms should keep an eye out for their debut EP Harder From Here out 21st October