Top Tracks: Hieroglyph – Starlight (The High Priestess)

If you had to assign the term “awe-inspiring” to a certain genre it would fit very well with the world of progressive metal. With a plethora of virtuoso musicians and grand ideas it operates on a level few other bands can match. This six piece are a welcome addition to the family, and with their upcoming debut being a concept album they are not a band to hold back. Ouroboros, released on the 18th November, follows the theme of the first 11 Major Arcana Tarot cards, charting a journey from The Fool to The Magician. The band’s first single from the album ‘Starlight (The High Priestess)’ features high-octane guitar work, a frantic driving beat and the great two pronged attack of the melodic tones of Valentina Reptile and the harsh vocals of Mark Howes. There’s no doubting they have the necessary talent and ambition to produce a stellar debut. You don’t need Tarot cards to see the bright future this band has in store.