Album Review: Kings of Leon – WALLS

kol-wallsKings of Leon – WALLS

Indie Rock


Before we proceed any further let’s get a couple of things out in the open. First off the album artwork is absolutely awful, if not the worst cover of the year it’s certainly up there. I’d love to know what the hell they were smoking when they decided to have creepy dolls versions of their heads floating in milk adorning their latest release. Secondly this isn’t the return to their garage rock origins that so many fans have been praying for. Though I don’t see the appeal of their early work there are a great many that do, and that get more and more disappointed the further away the band drifts from it. WALLS is easily their best release since Only By The Night but still fails to make a lasting impression.

Tracks like ‘Waste A Moment’ and ‘Find Me’ are fairly safe hits in as much that you would quite happily add them to your playlist but wouldn’t think twice about skipping past them on shuffle. Most of the rest of the album lacks feeling and is quite clearly over-produced to the point of sounding sterile. The two saving graces are Caleb Followill’s much improved vocals and diction, sounding like proper English rather than his usual incomprehensible Klingon, and the surprisingly delicate and heartfelt title track bringing the album to a close. Kings of Leon have long been a band that finds passing fans with ease but fails to make you fall in love with their music and this album does nothing to change the longstanding status quo.