Album Review: Two Door Cinema Club – Gameshow

two-door-cinema-club-gameshowTwo Door Cinema Club – Gameshow

Indie Pop


Cast your mind back to the beginning of the decade and you may recall that this Northern Irish band were once one of the most talked about acts in the country. It’s not that long ago that they were beloved by teenage audiences and considered by critics to be a promising up-and-coming band. For whatever reason they seem to have been left at the starting blocks. They have found themselves all but forgotten whilst their contemporaries have rushed on to bigger and better things. Their latest album does little¬† to offer a second wind for them to get their groove back, instead it feels like another nail in the coffin.

Gameshow has plenty of good ideas all of which are poorly executed. Drawing on 80s synth vibes, electropop and funk should have been a safe bet for big hits but it ends up feeling glaringly uninspired and derivative. The album is horribly overproduced to the point where an album that could have been very diverse ends up becoming a monotonous and forgettable pop record. The only thing remotely close to hitting the mark on Gameshow is the lyrical content of ‘Are We Ready (Wreck)’ and ‘Bad Decisions’ which hits out at social media and consumerist culture. However when the highlight of your album sounds like a B-side from The 1975 you know somewhere along the line you’ve gone drastically wrong.