Top Tracks: Nick Valentini Collective – Worms

I’m always a fan of bands that boast virtuoso talents and love to show them off. Considering the fact that the Nick Valentini Collective have only been together for just over six months they perform like a well oiled machine and display enviable levels of technical wizardry. From the addictive opening bass line, soaring vocals and the alternative rock hooks, to the bewildering journey through jazz fusion and it’s closing moments of understated ambience, ‘Worms’ is one wild ride. Despite being crafted from an array of different genres into a new and inexplicable form lead songwriter Nick never loses control or strays too far from being interesting and accessable. Playing out like the contents of a demented doodle pad, the animated music video is just as bizarre and bewitching as the track itself. Call it madness, call it brilliance, but ‘Worms’, like most great music, has a fair share of both!