Spotlight!: TIRADE


Anyone who says that rock is dead is undoubtedly looking in the wrong place. Often the bands with the most attitude and the biggest point to make aren’t the ones filling stadiums, although I think massive adoring crowds aren’t too far away for a band as talented as TIRADE. Tracks like ‘Knives in Your Eyes’ and ‘Optimism’ are brimming with blistering riffs and boast a breakneck rhythm section with the stamina of wild stallion. They have such a high level of musical mastery that their dazzling technical theatrics seem effortless. On songs like ‘Snakes and Social Ladders’ and ‘Travel Agent for Guilt Trips’ they show hints pop punk, bringing a sly dash of fun and some wicked harmonies to the table. All together their self titled EP has a fair deal of bite and bravado but with plenty of likability beneath. It’s as though the EP would quite easily beat you down flat on your arse and then buy you a consolatory pint for your troubles. For an alternative rock band of this calibre it would take an act of God to stop them from becoming one of the most important new British bands on the scene.

Fans of Lower Than Atlantis, We Are Carnivores, Young Guns and Twin Atlantic should keep an eye out for their eponymous EP out 25th November.