Album Review: Honeyblood -Babes Never Die

honeyblood-babesneverdieHoneyblood – Babes Never Die

Garage Rock | Indie Rock


When this Scottish duo released their eponymous debut it seemed to create only a faint ripple of interest, but now with their second album Honeyblood are one of the hottest bands on the scene and the name on everyone’s lips. Part of the reason might be that Babes Never Die is a far more consistent and confident record, their songwriting has improved from a lyrical standpoint and new drummer Cat Myers has brought a newfound energy into the fold. The new album makes no move to reinvent the wheel and instead bears all the hallmarks of the band’s signature sound. Stina Tweeddale’s equally innocent and venomous vocals are on top form and big hook laden hits such as ‘Ready For The Magic’ and the title track are great additions to their repertoire.

Sadly some of the issues that plagued the debut have continued through to this latest release. Yet again the album is carried by the strength of it’s singles with a fair bit of filler padding out the rest. It’s nowhere near the same elephant in the room situation that was present in the last album, but the fact that yet again all the best tracks are in the first half means that your interest will tend to wander by the end. My only other minor niggle is that the brief intro and outro seem unnecessary and could easily have just been attached to tracks instead of being separate entities. Make no mistake however, this record is a marked improvement. They will soon be one of the most important bands on the circuit and if they can pack an album full of the massive hits that I know they are capable of then Honeyblood will be in with a shout of making a real mark on the world.