Top Tracks: Baum Jr – When I Grow Up/Heroes

Whilst the 80s had a few stylistic dead ends, much of the music spawned at the time now seems to have a curious timeless quality about it. Fast forward to 2016 and big cascading synths sound as fresh as ever. This stunning debut double A side single (remember those?) from electropop artist Baum Jr draws inspiration from classic video game and film scores in a style which he has christened ‘next-gen 8-bit’. On ‘When I Grow Up’ he dusts off the hit track from forgotten 90s alternative rockers Garbage and breathes new life into it. The transformation is miraculous, and the expansive soundscape he has created continues even further with his track ‘Heroes’ which boasts a brilliant beat and addictive electronics. Baum Jr has tapped into influences from years gone by, but by all accounts the end product sounds like something from the not too distant future which we just happen to lucky enough to experience slightly ahead of schedule.