Top Tracks: BRUMBY – Leave a Light On

Hailing from Las Vegas, a city famed for it’s bright lights and big thrills, one would expect the new single from native band BRUMBY to follow a similar path. Instead ‘Leave a Light On’, the band’s first release since their 2014 EP The Westwind Kid, is a much more subtle and bittersweet affair. The synth-laden Americana vibe, the anthemic chorus and the bright guitar melodies make this song essential listening for fans of Bear’s Den and The War On Drugs. ‘Leave a Light On’ makes the perfect soundtrack for an introspective, late night drive or equally for carefree summer cruising. Whichever way you’re headed, whatever path you follow, the new single from BRUMBY is all the company you need. With tracks like this it won’t be long until the band are leaving the city lights far behind and are sharing their music with fans across the world.


One thought on “Top Tracks: BRUMBY – Leave a Light On

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