Spotlight!: Taylor Jahn

Oregon born singer/songwriter Taylor Jahn is on to a winning formula. His grand and assured piano driven balladry show off his exemplary crystal clear vocals and his introspective yet infectious lyricism. His latest single ‘Hide Away’ is a billowing ballad offering an honest and heartfelt message of solidarity, whereas the bright and bubbly ‘All We Need’ is perfect guilty pleasure material with its irresistable positivity and jaunty melody. ‘Slave to Your Love’ couldn’t be more romantic if it scattered rose petals from your speakers, and is sure to have couples swooning and swaying together across the land. The addictive rhythm and big build towards a captivating climax makes ‘Light Inside’ possibly Taylor’s best work. It’s the kind of song Chris Martin of Coldplay would give anything to have written. Lyrically and emotionally however Taylor’s finest hour is ‘Keep Moving On’, a letter to a lost loved one that is heartbreaking and hopeful in equal measures. Few songs I know of paint such a potent portrait of loss as this. An immensely talented songwriter, it’s clear that Taylor Jahn gives all of himself into every gorgeous track that he crafts. It goes without saying that the pop world needs plenty more people like him, though artists this good are hard to find.

Fans of Rhodes, John Legend, Christina Perri and Belwood favourite Jonny Carroll should keep an eye out for Taylor’s debut EP Hide Away out 27th January 2017.