Top Tracks: Baum Jr – The Sunset & The Coalpit/Foundations

Baum Jr is back with another double A side, ready to blur the line between retro and futuristic with his own brand of ‘Next-Gen 8-Bit’. Few acts can take a genre known for crystal clear precision and inject such raw emotion like that found in the latter half of ‘The Sunset & The Coalpit’. What starts as a synth laden journey through a cyberpunk world, with some bombastic drums thrown in for good measure, soon can no longer contain the rising tension. The passion in the vocals at the climax of the track manages to outshine the technical wizardry at work. The stripped back re-imagining of ‘Foundations’ by London punk quartet Apologies, I Have None further shows off his vocals and delves deeper into the man behind the machinery. It’s these moments that make Baum Jr stand out; the loving heart beating beneath the electronic exterior.