Spotlight!: Kara Ann Marie

kara-ann-marieCombining gospel, folk and spoken word, Kara’s debut release is a diverse, yet persistently personal affair. Having founded indie label Orphan No More with her husband Joshua Luke Smith, she has at her disposal the perfect platform to share her honest and heartfelt songwriting. When not making music Kara is a certified counsellor, a fact that is reflected in her lyrics. She has the rare gift of finding just the right words to both perfectly sum up how you feel, and to say exactly what you need to hear. Whether sharing a positive message of self-worth in ‘I Like The Way’, or simply assuring you that you have the strength to weather the storm in the haunting spoken word of ‘Keeping On’, Kara always delivers a sincere and arresting performance. The soothing soul of ‘Walk Slow’ stands as her most powerful performance, it’s simple yet stunning arrangement and Kara’s vocals are simply captivating. Sometimes we all need someone to tell us that our troubles will pass and that happiness is just around the corner, and to that end Kara Ann Marie’s music is always there for whoever should need it.

Kara’s debut EP Keeping On is out now for fans of Joshua Luke Smith, Julien Baker and Johnnyswim