Top Tracks: Keston Cobblers Club – Almost Home

Sometimes it’s the simplest of songs that leave the most lasting impressions. That is surely the case with this latest folky offering from Keston Cobblers Club. The title track from their upcoming album Almost Home, out 31st March, takes an acoustic guitar, some foot-tapping rhythms, a few cheerful harmonies and brings it all together to make a carefree and homely hit. Perfect for fans of Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers, it’s infectious, festival ready chorus is like the first blooms of spring after a long and bleak winter. This indie folk outfit have struck the perfect balance with their new song and have made something humble, honest and eminently lovable. With such warm and welcoming music in their repertoire, I’ve no doubt their new album will bring with it new fans and new horizons.