Spotlight!: TYPES

typesIt’s common knowledge that Manchester has a rich musical heritage that few places in the world can truly equal. It was the birthplace of countless legends and thankfully is still at the cutting edge, making some of the best new British music. TYPES are just the kind of band that sums up what makes Manchester so important. Meandering and experimental, yet intriguingly accessible, their new EP is the perfect microcosm of the sound that is dominating the UK’s underground scene, and it’s bands like this that will be leading the charge when it breaks into the mainstream. Lyrically it aims squarely at the establishment and our overly commercial modern world, but it’s the music, the band’s own unique brand of “post-post-punk”, that is the real show stopper here. Whether it’s the fragile, piano driven ‘Tropical’, the uplifting ambient coda of ‘K – Wave’, the hints of glitchy electronica in ‘It’s Like A Morgue In Here’, or the astonishing guitar work in their magnum opus ‘Mild Learning Difficulties’, it’s clear that we have here a band with a wealth of talent just waiting to be discovered.

Fans of DIIV, Preoccupations, Radiohead, MONEY and Algiers should check out their new EP The Future Is Close Enough, out 24th February