Top Tracks: No Vacation – Mind Fields

A year after their break-up, San Francisco dream pop band No Vacation are back with a brand new track. ‘Mind Fields’ is a bright and airy belter that boasts a spellbinding soundscape and a real attention grabbing bass interlude. Though it was penned as an ode to break-ups, this wistful track is teeming with optimism as it looks towards the future. This song is a single ray of sun piercing through the haze, illuminating the last glistening thread of positivity to guide the way through the darkest times of a break-up. With its catchy hooks and comforting atmosphere it’s the kind of track that will keep you coming back for more. This kind of gorgeous dream pop is making a real comeback as of late and ‘Mind Fields’ is up there with the best that you’re likely to hear.