Album Review: Cattle & Cane – Mirrors

cattle and caneCattle & Cane – Mirrors

Folk | Indie Rock | Americana


A key fact to note about the bittersweet second album from this band of siblings, is that it is a slow burning record. It’s not an album you should go in expecting to be floored by, but has a world of charm that is sure to win you over soon enough. It exists in a strange place, living on the periphery of a number of styles yet never completely crossing the threshold. The bright and summery ‘Fool For You’ feels like a throwback to Breakfast In America era Supertramp, ‘Make Your Vision’ follows a more synth driven path and the folky duet of ‘Time To Get It Over With’ features some of the album’s most gorgeous melodies. Mirrors is like your own private garden, with each track its own unique flower; a quiet place of rustic elegance to get lost in for a while.

If I had to sum up Mirrors in one word it would be “understated”. The arrangements are sparse and airy, crafting the greatest art possible with nothing but the bare essentials. Admittedly there are times where you long for something with a bit more ambition and energy, but then there are also moments like the album highlight ‘Paper Man’ that can paint a masterpiece utilising the blank canvas. It’s as though there is nothing else in the world of consequence besides the soothing vocals and the echoing acoustic guitar. Each note, each breath holds a greater purpose. If you’re looking for a warm and welcoming album for those introspective evenings, then you’re unlikely to find a better example than this in 2017.