Album Review: Cydemind – Erosion

cydemindCydemind – Erosion

Progressive Rock | Symphonic Metal


I think all music fans, in some part of their subconscious, are searching for some new and exciting sound, often without knowing what exactly it is they are looking for. I can say however with some certainty that Canadian instrumental band Cydemind have captured a sound that I have spent a long time searching for. Combining the modern progressive style of bands such as Dream Theater and Haken, with some exceptional violin at the forefront to really stand out from the crowd, Cydemind have crafted their own unique sound on their debut album Erosion. ‘Derecho’ and ‘Stream Capture’ best showcase the band’s classical elements, with the former starting from melancholy origins before taking a heavier and more complex turn, and the latter song which is nothing short of heavenly.

Though violinist Olivier Allard steals the spotlight, the overall musicianship of the band is exceptional. The bass line in ‘Tree of Tales’ flows like the lifeblood of the song, and the epic 27 minute title track features some simply gorgeous piano and a guitar solo that wouldn’t sound amiss coming from John Petrucci himself. This is such a well conceived and executed debut, even down to the stunning vista on the album cover. My only real quarrel is that futuristic synths are a bit overused, I’d rather hear more of the natural piano sound to better compliment the violin. Beyond that, I’d also like to see the band give the individual tracks more of their own unique character in future releases. Though instrumental acts are often criminally overlooked, if you can appreciate them you’ll understand that this is a spectacular record. It’s one hell of a way to start and I’m excited to see where future releases will lead them.