Spotlight!: From Apes To Angels

from apes to angelsThe days of the dynamic duo are upon us, and this pair hailing from London and Sheffield respectively are a welcome new addition to the fold. With their debut EP, rising synthpop stars Millie Gaum and Andrew Brassleay have merged retro 80s synths, futuristic electronica and polished pop production to create a sound that is very much the ‘in’ thing and is sure to find legions of new fans in no time. ‘New Skin’ bears all the hallmarks of Chvrches with its crowd-pleasing melodies and big, bold percussion. The quirky ‘Gift Tag’, with its driving rhythm and infectious chorus, is reminiscent of Grimes. The intro of ‘Together’ sounds like the lovechild of Lana Del Rey and the Stranger Things soundtrack, while ‘Eternity’ sounds like some robotic lullaby from the distant future. From Apes To Angels have a synth sound that is up there with the best of them, and with this assured and accessible first release they seem set to go from strength to strength.

If you’re a fan of Chvrches, Grimes, LANY and Hurts, then their upcoming EP New Skin, out 24th July, is sure to be right up your street.