Spotlight!: Retroject


Photo by Adapt Film Photography

Let it be said that you should always support your local music scene. Besides the fact that all great bands had to start somewhere, you simply never know when you might stumble across something great. After a chance encounter a few years back, it’s great to rediscover Doncaster band Retroject. It’s presents an opportunity to listen to their latest release, and reflect on the band with some fresh perspective. ‘Lesson Learned’ plays host to some bright and inviting indie riffs, while ‘Webster’s English’ captures the sound of the early noughties boom of bands such as Franz Ferdinand. ‘Hear You Say’ bears a few subtle hallmarks of funk influences, while tracks like ‘Leda’ can’t help but bright to mind fellow Yorkshire lads the Arctic Monkeys. Both bands rightly wear their origins like a badge of honour, which adds an honest charm to the vocals and lyrics, and creates a real sense of character and unique personality. Musically this is a band still finding their feet and discovering their sound, but when it comes to knowing who they are and performing with absolute integrity they could well show some big name acts a thing or two.

Fans of Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Franz Ferdinand and Reverend and the Makers should check out their latest release EP III.