Spotlight!: White Noise Radio

white noise radio band

Photo by Rob Marsden

In a world where we have unadventurous and one-dimensional music forced on us everywhere we turn, it sometimes seeps into your system. It can leave you too quick to dismiss, and all too often you can end up underestimating bands. If, like me, you dive into White Noise Radio expecting a run of the mill alternative rock band, you will find yourself confronted with something far more complex and compelling than you anticipated. Just from the intricate opening drums of ‘Siren’, immediately reminiscent of Tool, it’s clear this Bristol band have a lot to offer. The fierce riffs of ‘Gone Inside’ hint at the band’s darker, more aggressive side, channeling Mastodon in its heaviest moments. ‘Dawning’ alternates between feral alt rock energy and soulful atmospheric sections, while the trippy ‘Wires’ has clear hints of Porcupine Tree as it shifts from shimmering psychedelica into full-blown metal territory. Equally adept at sounding both raw and melodic, and with the right level of technical wizardry to appeal to both prog and alt rock fans, White Noise Radio are perfectly poised to conquer the underground scene.

Fans of Tool, Karnivool, Alter Bridge and Mastodon should check out their new EP Cosmos out 1st July.