Top Tracks: The Lavender Scare – Drag For A Queen

I do love a band with a dash of flair and ambition, two boxes that LA band The Lavender Scare have certainly ticked with their new single. Musically ‘Drag For a Queen’ reminds me of ‘Lillian’ by The Dear Hunter as it carries the same air of sleazy theatricality, albeit with James Delos Reyes’ unique gritty vocals. Lyrically it tells the tale of a drag queen that finds religion and later falls back into his old habits behind closed doors. With this vivid caricature that the song portrays, the band does a superb job at storytelling and at building up a whole other world within your mind. Dark, witty, and the very quintessence of style; if The Lavender Scare build on the successes of this track they will soon jump up my list of the most exciting bands around.