Top Tracks: VŌS – Tide

Following the success of their first release ‘Patience‘, charming electropop duo VŌS are back again with their latest single. With the gorgeous vocals of Dawn Moss stealing the spotlight, ‘Tide’ introduces some soulful R&B elements into the mix, alongside electronic elements reminiscent of Bon Iver. The chilled out vibes of its stripped back intro set a smooth and soothing atmosphere, with the subtle grooves of the latter half of the track building and enticing you to get your body moving, without you even realising it. Yet again VŌS have provided a perfect example of what electropop is all about, and remain amongst the best examples of the genre I’ve heard all year. Robin Pearkes and Dawn Moss are onto another winner with this one, and are well on their way to becoming Belwood favourites.