Spotlight!: The Standard Affiliates

the standard affiliatesIf anywhere in the world knows about summer it’s Southern California, and therefore it should come as no surprise that their native bands know how to write a feel-good summer hit. With their debut EP The Standard Affiliates have made a worthy addition to SoCal’s extensive arsenal of summer ready indie rock anthems. Boasting high energy and high spirits, it doesn’t take much to picture their songs as real crowd pleasers in a live setting. The infectious chorus and bright riffs of ‘Is It News To You’ reminds me of Clean Cut Kid, while the rhythm section work overtime on the intro of ‘Shack’ to build up the beat like a galloping stallion in the distance heading your way. The sharp squalling guitar tones of ‘Naive’ really jump out at you, ‘Daydreams’ conjures up images of carefree days on the beach with its surf rock vibes, while ‘Paint it Gold’ sees The Standard Affiliates at their peak with an indie pop banger that is up there with the best of them. If you need a band to soundtrack your summer adventures, or inspire you to get out there and start them, then you’re in luck.

The Standard Affiliates debut EP Standard is out now and is perfect for fans of Clean Cut Kid, Flyte, The 1975 and the Courteeners.