Album Review: Wolf Alice – Visions Of A Life

Wolf-Alice-art-Wolf Alice – Visions Of A Life

Alternative Rock | Dream Pop | Indie Rock


I can’t remember the last time I was so nervous about a new album. Wolf Alice’s debut remains one of our highest rated records, it was an important catalyst in rejuvenating Britain’s indie scene, and propelled them on the path towards becoming the finest new rock act of a generation. Second albums are hard enough as it is without all of that to live up to. Although thankfully they haven’t pulled a Stone Roses and completely lost the plot, it does miss the mark set by My Love Is Cool. It’s not as immediate, lacking pretty much any big hits that live up to their previous efforts, but at the same time the record also lacks depth. Though they still create interesting soundscapes, they lack the same little nuances as before. The unpredictability of the first record is also mostly absent, there’s little of their turning on a sixpence between rage and tranquility mid track.

Visions certainly has its moments though, particularly in the latter half. ‘St. Purple & Green’ features some of Ellie’s most angelic vocals, while acoustic album highlight ‘After The Zero Hour’ shows a whole new side to the band with some otherworldly folk. The one aspect in which this new album improves upon its predecessor is lyrically. With lines like “I’m typing you a message, That I know I’ll never send, Rewriting old excuses, Delete the kisses at the end” from ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’, and “I heard that journeys end in lover’s meeting, But my journey ends when my heart stops beating” in the 8 minute opus that is the title track, the band have really upped their game. The simple fact is that even when Wolf Alice aren’t quite firing on all cylinders, the result is still better than most other bands at their best.