Top Tracks: Gus Harrower – Cell Dilution

The new single from Scottish singer/songwriter Gus Harrower really doesn’t mess around. With ‘Cell Dilution’, taken from his upcoming EP Where We Were, Gus throws everything he’s got at you. The piano led intro weaves through some suave little swing sections into impassioned heartfelt balladry. It’s not long however until the track kicks it up a notch, throwing stylish synths and expressive drums into the mix, punctuated with gritty guitar bursts. This track is straining at the seams, crammed full of varied and engaging sounds, of which I’d pick out the jazzy piano work as the pièce de résistance. There are few acts this year that can pack in so much diversity and yet still make it work, which really reflects Gus’ talents as a songwriter and the enormous potential he carries.