Top Tracks: Winter Mountain – Platinum and Gold

If some celestial visitor with no experience of humanity and it’s art asked for some examples what would you give them? If you had sum up what folk, in particular that indefinable Americana sound, was all about in one song, you’d present a damn good case with the new single from Winter Mountain. It has all the musical elements you’d expect; resplendent guitar tones, a warm welcoming atmosphere, and vocals that find the perfect mid-point between gritty and uplifting. More than that however, the music reflects part of the human spirit. The video is a perfect fit with its crashing waves and roaring campfire, as if you just close your eyes you naturally imagine just such a scene. Music says a lot about an artist, but sometimes it’s nice to find a song that lets you sit back and see the bigger picture, and think of the art that’s in all of us.