Top Tracks: Oh Malô – Don’t Look, Don’t Stare

As time goes by the once firm boundary between genres blurs more and more, to the point where electronics are a key element for bands seeking to explore new territories and even create their own. With their new single, Brooklyn’s Oh Malô utilise electronic flourishes alongside alt rock and post punk instrumentation to build a glitchy, frenetic tension that is perfect for fans of Radiohead and newer Bon Iver. ‘Don’t Look, Don’t Stare’ keeps you on edge with its panicked percussion and anxious angular riffs. It feels like a song of restrained chaos, ready to let loose the tempest but instead letting the pressure build. You can practically feel a frenzied mix of apprehension and anticipation prickling at your skin as it teases a release that never comes. The release just isn’t necessary when the build-up is this good.