Top Tracks: FINNO – Do Not Move

The revolution of the youth is nigh, and tempestuous trio FINNO have come out with all guns blazing on their dauntless debut single ‘Do Not Move’. With young people leading the charge for a better society on both sides of the Atlantic, and showing a damn sight more common sense than most of those in government, it stands to reason that their ire seeps through into the medium of music. With a heavy stomp like some encroaching doom, sly snaking guitar solos to lure you in deeper, and lyrical visions of a world lost to hate, ‘Do Not Move’ is like the scrappy younger sibling of Black Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’. It’s an unflinching mission statement of a new band eager to leap into the fray and fight the good fight for what they believe in, and I’m eager to see what their next salvo has in store.

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