Top Tracks: Passenger – Hell Or High Water

If the video of singer/songwriter extraordinaire Mike Rosenberg walking a lonely desert road wasn’t already a dead giveaway, this new track from Passenger breathes new life into his signature folk sound with a hearty dose of Americana. While the backdrop may be barren, ‘Hell Or High Water’ is undoubtedly full of life. Taken from his upcoming album Runaway, out 31st August, the song draws inspiration from the likes of Ryan Adams to craft a hook-heavy break-up ballad with a rich and fleshed out heartland feel. Recalling the inevitable overthinking that follows the end of a relationship, wondering where things went wrong and whether it was avoidable or simply meant to be, this track is up there with Passenger’s best. Offering airy Americana, a soft country twang and a sublime swell of strings, not to mention Mike’s unique vocals and relatable lyricism, ‘Hell Or High Water’ carries a universal appeal and is a welcome companion for one’s own search for answers.